Ensuring the testing quality

Ensuring the testing quality and rendering services to customers is one of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” Test center priorities.

Ensuring the testing quality and rendering services to customers is one of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” Test center priorities.

Quality management system of the Test center corresponds with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST RV 0015-002-2012, OST 134-1028-2012, RK-98-KT, RK-11-KT and Military-Oriented Guidelines RDV 319.015-2006.

The main tasks of ensuring the quality are:

  • providing objective test results;
  • strict adherence to regulatory documents and internal procedures during testing;
  • objective and trustworthy recording of facts during testing;
  • constant professional improvement of the personnel;
  • periodic audit of the processes.

The Test center policy in terms of quality is stated in the memorandum.

The quality of testing and rendering services to customers is managed using the Test Center Automated Control System (TC ACS).

TC ACS is designed to record facts of testing in accordance with the regulatory documents, programs and methods approved by the customer. Activities related to testing process are recorded in TC ACS as well as the information about all test results. TC ACS is also a test related document repository which contains test results, protocols, conclusions etc.

Administration of the Test center continuously supervises the processes using a special TC ACS module which is the summarized information presented graphically and the detailed information in tables (up to a single test level according to the program).

Authorized customers have access to test results and other documentation related to the contracts made between a customer and JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” TC. According to the agreement with the TC administration, access to the information about fixed points of the test cycle 

(delivery of the lots to the TC warehouse, stages of testing, readiness for shipment, lot shipment from the TC warehouse to the customer) may be provided. Customer access is provided via the IRS EEE subsystem available in this website.


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